2023   Middleland, No Place Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2022   The Incorrigible Giantess, PM/AM Gallery, London
2019   Homecoming, Lai Shaoqi Art Museum, Hefei, China

2023   Volupté, Blouin Division, Montréal
2023   The Abstract Figure: From Andy Warhol to Rafik Anadol, Jeffrey Deitch, Art Basel Switzerland
2022   100 Years, Jeffrey Deitch and Gagosian, Art Basel Miami
2022   Real Corporeal, Gladstone, New York City
2022   Wonder Women, Jeffrey Deitch, New York City and Los Angeles
2022   Eat Drink Man Woman, 180 Strand, London
2022   At The Table, Christie’s, New York City
2021   House Parté, Caryle Packer, Palm Springs
2021   Summer Camp, Tchotchke Gallery, New York City
2021   A New Art World, Guts Gallery, London
2021   Suspended Disbelief, Arsenal Contemporary, Toronto
2021` Hissing Haze, in lieu, Los Angeles
2021   Artists Against Anti-Asian Violence Benefit Auction, The Here and There Co and Artsy
2021   10, PM/AM, London
2021   Get a Load of This!, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London
2021   QUEER OUT T/HERE, Tong Art Advisory, New York City, New York
2016   Scholastic Art and Writing Awards National Exhibition, U.S. Department of Education Headquarters, Washington, DC

2019  The Queen’s Casualties, Anthology Film Archives, NYC
2018  Cling, Wrap, The Spectrum, Brooklyn, NYC

2016-2020   B.A. in Visual Arts and Art History, Columbia University, New York
2019   Semester Abroad at Slade School of Fine Art, London

2020   “Our Uncanny Digital Existence” | Barnard Journal of Art Criticism: New Media, New Messages

2024   “The NIGHT Issue with Amanda Ba” | Glamcult
2023   “Amanda Ba” | NR 17
2023   “Amanda Ba” | Altered States Spring/Summer 2023
2022   “Exhibiting the Unabashed Other” | Metal
2022   “’I have an aversion to the traditional idea of beauty’: Amanda Ba on her purposefully unsettling paintings | It’s Nice That
2021   “Seeing Red in the Beautiful-Grotesque Paintings of Amanda Ba” | Elephant Magazine
2021   “10” | Fad Magazine
2021   “Image of the Day” | Elephant Magazine
2021   “The radical artist channeling Donna Haraway and psychosexuality through painting” | The Face
2020   “Amanda Ba” | Art-Discontent
2020   “Family Pig” | Graphite Interdisciplinary Journal of the Arts: FRUIT, 11th edition
2019   Illustration for ‘Wretched is the Earth’ | The Gadfly
2019   “Artist Spotlight: Amanda Ba” | Kunstkammer: Princeton University Undergraduate Journal of Art, Spring 2019

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